PoSSUM Astronautics Team

Ken Trujillo

Ken Trujillo, Human Factors

Mr. Ken Trujillo brings over 20 years of experience in EVA and crew systems engineering as a project engineer in support of Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Orion mission operations and training in EVA and Crew System disciplines. Ken has developed Crew System, EVA, and crew escape requirements and guided spacecraft design for optimal crew/vehicle interoperability and provided expert guidance on human-in-the-loop integration, analysis and testing associated with human interfaces, and mockup development and maintenance.  Ken has also functioned as the operations expert on suit/seat integration, internal interfaces, operability of displays and control, and emergency/survival accommodations. Ken has supported Shuttle and ISS flight operations from NASA Mission Control at JSC and led mission planning, timeline development, procedure development, and astronaut crew training in the areas of Extravehicular Activity (EVA), Space Shuttle Crew Systems, crew emergency egress (including water survival) and in-space activities.  Mr. Trujillo is certified in the operation and training of EMU space suit and NASA high altitude pressure suits and has been the lead test engineer responsible for certification of spaceflight hardware including test plan development and hardware certification.

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Dr. Paul Buza, Aerospace Medicine

Dr. Paul W. Buza, D.O. F.A.C.N, is board certified in Neurology and specializes in Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine, Cellular Biology, Diving Medicine and Aerospace Physiology.  Dr. Buza founded the Southern Aeromedical Institute (SAMI) in July 1999.  The primary goal was to establish an advanced clinical hyperbaric and diving medicine program for the east central coast of Florida using a unique hyperbaric/hypobaric chamber. In 2001, the chamber went on line for hypobaric operations for research and training for the aviation community, and in 2002 NASA approved the facility as a triage center for support operations related to the Shuttle Launch Program. Since that time, SAMI has provided over 45,000 patient treatments for the area hospitals and has trained over 3000 pilots in the high altitude chamber for hypoxia training. In addition, SAMI has provided a platform for research related to clinical medicine and the aerospace industry.


Patty Wagstaff, Unusual Attitudes

A six-time member of the US Aerobatic Team, Patty Wagstaff has won the gold, silver and bronze medals in Olympic-level international aerobatic competition and is the first woman to win the title of US National Aerobatic champion and one of the few people to win it three times. Patty is a six-time recipient of the “First Lady of Aerobatics” Betty Skelton Award. In July 2004, Patty was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame and was the recipient of the National Air and Space Museum’s Award for Current Achievement in 1994. Having received many awards for her flying, she is particularly proud of receiving the Airshow industry’s most prestigious award, the “Sword of Excellence”, and the “Bill Barber Award for Showmanship”. Patty has trained with the Russian Aerobatic Team and has flown Airshows and competitions in such exotic places as South America, Russia, Europe, Mexico and Iceland.

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Dr. Erik Seedhouse, Aerospace Physiology

Dr. Erik Seedhouse is an aerospace/life sciences scientist and Assistant Professor in the Applied Aviation Sciences Department at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he teaches life support systems in the Space Studies Program. Erik earned a Master’s degree in Medical Science at Sheffield University and then completed his Ph.D. at the German Space Agency’s Institute for Space Medicine. In 1999, he started his post-doctoral studies at Simon Fraser University. While living in Vancouver, Erik gained his pilot’s license, started climbing mountains and took up sky-diving to relax in his spare time. In 2005 he worked as an astronaut training consultant for Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas and wrote ‘Tourists in Space’, a training manual – of sorts – for spaceflight participants. He is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and a member of the Aerospace Medical Association. In 2009 he was one of the final thirty candidates of the Canadian Space Agency’s Astronaut Recruitment Campaign. Erik currently works as manned spaceflight consultant and author (he has written 12 books). In addition to being an accomplished scientist, Erik is a world-class triathlete and scuba diver.  In 1997, GQ magazine nominated him as the ‘Fittest Man in the World’.

Mr. Nikolay Moiseev

Nikolay Moiseev, Spacesuit Operations

Mr. Nikolay Moiseev was trained at the Moscow Aviation Institute, and graduated with a M.S. in Life Support Systems Engineering 1986.  He began work at Zvezda, Russia’s space suit provider, in 1986, and worked there for 20 years.  Mr. Moiseev’s suit designs have flown on Mir, Buran, and the International Space Station. Recently, he has worked with both the ESA and NASA on advanced EVA designs.  Mr. Moiseev is a co-founder of Final Frontier Design and has been working in the commercial space industry for the last seven years.


Van Wampler, Spacesuit Technician and Payload Operations

Mr. Van Wampler holds an BFA in cinematography and founded CinemaRaven in 2011, a cinematography company specializing in cinematography using RED Camera system, the same ones that are integral to the PoSSUMCam system. Van is also a certified PoSSUM spacesuit technician.

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Parker Rice, Spacesuit Technician and Payload Operations

Mr. Parker Rice leads CinemaRaven’s still photography department. He’s also an excellent camera operator, director of photography, and editor. Parker instructs techniques involving PoSSUM’s Wide-Field Imager and is a Certified PoSSUM Spacesuit Technician.


Chris  Lundeen, Spacesuit Technician and Education Program Coordinator

Chris Lundeen serves as program coordinator for Project PoSSUM’s educational programs. Chris has a BS degree in recreation resource management and an AS in network programing. Chris is a certified spacesuit technician and is also certified as a simulator technician and pilot for PoSSUM’s simulation facilities. Chris is an avid climber and his adventuresome spirit also extends to the sea as a master diver, boat captain, and surfer.